When Borrowers make a repayment your share of the funds will be credited to your account the day after 3 banking days (the day the direct debit is requested is counted as a day 1).

For example, if the payment is due on Wednesday then the direct debit is requested that day (day 1). The three banking days will be Wednesday (day 1), Thursday (day 2) and Friday (day 3), which means you will receive the money on Saturday.

Please see the table below for general guidance around when to expect funds to be available in your account.

* This table assumes that each weekday is a business (banking) day. If, for example, Monday is not a business day (e.g. public holiday), then the Borrower's bank will not receive the direct debit request until Tuesday.

** This is the time payment can be expected. Payment could actually be received earlier or later.

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