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The interest rate offered to me is not what I expected.
The interest rate offered to me is not what I expected.

How we calculate our interest rates

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The interest rate each customer is approved to borrow at depends on their creditworthiness, as determined by the information provided to Harmoney as part of that customer's request for a quote (NZ only) or their loan application.

The information used to determine your personalised interest rate includes:

  • Stability of employment

  • Stability and type of residence

  • Financial behaviour

  • Demographic profile

As a responsible lender Harmoney wants to ensure that the loan terms you are offered will not put you at risk of hardship.

If your financial situation changes over time, so too may the interest rate you are given. You may find if you apply again at a later date you may get a different interest rate.

If you proceed with your loan application at the rate offered, after six months of consistent repayments you may be eligible to Top Up your loan and may find you are offered a different interest rate at that point.

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