A regularly curated list of the most commonly asked questions by Harmoney customers.

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What if I have more than one bank account?Bank transaction retrieval, add another bank, more than one bank account
How much bank transaction data do you access?Automated bank transaction retrieval, bank login
Why should I let you retrieve my bank transaction data?Automated bank transactions retrieval, bank login
How do I know this service is secure?Bank transaction retrieval security
What is automated bank transaction retrieval and what is it for?Automated bank transactions retrieval, bank login
How do you access my bank transaction data?How bank transaction data retrieval works
Can I add more than one bank account?Income goes into another bank account. Adding another bank
How do you know about my debts?Sourcing your debts. Finding your debts.
What is a liability?Learning about liabilities or debts
What is the difference between a liability and an expense?Differences between a liability and an expense
Is rent a liability?Understanding if rent is a liability
I own a house with a mortgage. Is it still an asset?Is a mortgage an asset?
What is an asset?Assets
I share assets with my partner. Do I enter the full value of all of our assets or just my share?What to do in the case of joint assets. Shared assets.
What are ‘expenses’?What are my expenses?
I share expenses with my partner. Do I enter only my share, or all expenses?What to do in the case of joint expenses. Shared expenses.
Getting stuck on the expenses page?Stuck on part 3 of 5 of Financial Details
What is my ‘income’?Regular income, completing the income page
Why is my regular income not showing on my bank statement?Income not showing, not picking up my income
Should I include changes to my partner’s income?Expected changes to my income. Changes to partners income.
Why is it important that the my repayment frequency, monthly amounts and interest rates are true and accurate?Making the details accurate
There is a liability missing. What do I do now?Adding a liability