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Payment Protect fees for borrowers

Payment protect fees and how they apply to borrowers

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Payment Protect is only available to New Zealand customers. 

The Payment Protect fee only applies to borrowers who have chosen to add Payment Protect to their loan. If a borrower chooses to include Payment Protect the fee is added to their loan amount and included in their scheduled repayments.

The Payment Protect fee is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount (including Establishment fee), rounded to the nearest $25. You can find details about Payment Protect fees on our Interest Rates and Fees page.

Our fees for Payment Protect are occasionally reviewed. If your Payment Protect fees differ from those stated, the most likely reason is that you took out your loan with Payment Protect prior to the last pricing update. Existing Payment Protect contracts will not be changed as a result of any pricing reviews.

If Payment Protect is taken out on a co-borrower application, it must be taken out by both the primary Borrower and the co-Borrower; it cannot be taken out by only one party.

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