In the case of disability, redundancy or terminal illness you must provide Harmoney with written notification within 60 days of the event occurring.

In the case of death there is no time limit for supplying Harmoney with written notice of the event. Once Harmoney has been notified, all documents and information must be supplied within 30 days.

If Harmoney does not receive all the documents and information required within the required time frames after the event occurs you will not be entitled to have any repayments waived in respect of the event.

It is a good idea to contact Harmoney as soon as possible after an event has occurred for which you are covered by Payment Protect, so if your application for waiver is approved, your repayments can be waived as soon as possible.

Payment Protect does not cover the waiver of repayments that fall due before you have given Harmoney written notice that an event for which you are covered has occurred.

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