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Harmoney Top Up

What is a Harmoney Top Up loan?

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Top Up is a feature offered to certain borrowers who, having demonstrated an excellent track record of on-time repayments, may be eligible for additional funds.

As a responsible lender, we need all Top Up applicants to go through the online process again.

As we can only allow each borrower / co-borrower to have one active loan through at any one time, when a Borrower is approved for a Top Up, their existing loan is closed off, and ‘rewritten’ – this is why loan Top Up is sometimes also known as "rewrites".

Harmoney customers who are eligible for Top Up will often be notified by phone, email and on your dashboard. 

To learn more about Harmoney Top Up in New Zealand, please refer to this link.

To learn more about Harmoney Top Up in Australia, please refer to this link.

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