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What are “loan terms”?
What are “loan terms”?
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Your loan terms are:

  • the amount lent to you;

  • the length of time (also known as the term) for which it is lent to you; and

  • the interest rate applied to your loan.

You accept these terms when you accept your loan quote. Your loan disclosure will confirm these terms as well as any other charges that are payable. It will also specify the repayments you must make.

Your loan comes into effect as soon as you confirm you accept the loan terms and submit your loan for funding.

There are also standard terms and conditions which apply to all Harmoney loans. These will appear in the loan contract you see online as part of the application process and will be emailed to you with the loan disclosure statement.

If you choose the optional Payment Protect service (NZ only), the Payment Protect terms will be included as part of your loan contract terms.

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